Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Day, A New Year, A New Life.

So, I have entered the world of blogging... But who am I and why should I have a blog? Well let me introduce myself.

I am a girl... well woman. A 28 year old student, starting over in life again. I'm taking business at NAIT & managing to fit in with a crowd that's 8-9 years younger than me. I "retired" from broadcasting, aka, decidided I didn't want to wait it out to work the good shifts in 2007. With TV as my first career it kind of makes it difficult to follow that act.

I am also defined by my passion for sailing & teaching others to sail. Strange thing to be interested in the middle of the Prairies, but I have spent the better part of my sailing dinghies & the last 10 years teaching others to sail. I love it. It's one of the few things in life I am passionate about.

My family consists of my loving husband & our dog Kona & cat Peekay. Our animals are much like kids to us... they sure cost a lot of money, and yet every time I need to fork out more money for them I do it without hesitation. Kona is a sweet chocolate lab. Much like me, excitable & outgoing at times, but most of the time he's reserved & looks to be like quite the thinker. Peekay is named after the main character in Bryce Courtneay's novel "The Power of One." She's perserveared through life & truly inspires me to do the same.

And why do I deserve a blog? Deserve is kind of a loaded word but I think there are many people that blog for no reason and have little to offer their readers. I suppose blogging for your own satisfaction is okay too. I am embarking on a new phase in life. I'm in my last semester at school & will be back in the work force in no time. My husband & I are going to be starting a family soon (definitely not until I'm finished school), and I want to start my own business too.

I want a way to help focus & organize my thoughts & one day if I ever have a following, get feedback on my thoughts from other people.

Well, here goes!!

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