Monday, August 16, 2010

What is lost eventually is found (I hope!)

I read a post by Penelope Trunk this morning entitled "When you're feeling lost, don't hide."   I am a big fan of Penelope's writing because I relate to her blunt, honest revelations about herself, her work, and her family life.

More and more, I strongly believe there is no way to seperate work and life and be happy.  I feel like by trying to do that I am cheating myself out of an honest life because those lines blur all the time, no matter how hard you try to keep them seperate.

I was still laying in bed, bleary-eyed, reading her post on my Blackberry when she says "...I am really lost right now."  I've been following her posts and participate in the Brazen Careerist community (her startup) so I've seen a progression in her life.  She's makes a living off her blog, has over 50 000 subscribers to it, things that many people aspire to.

I feel lost too. And frustrated that I am still unsettled on the job front.  After graduating in April, I found an unreal job working in my chosen field (marketing) while incorporating my past experience (television production).  I had failed myself by not doing my homework on the company.  I didn't even talk to people I knew had worked there before.  I suppose I chose not to hear the negative because I was so excited about this perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately I learned my lesson the hard way.  Every student wants to get the best job, the fastest, and I exchanged the stability of having a job right away for my time, effort, and frustrations spent through that first month and a half I worked there.

I like Penelope's take: "feeling lost is part of being great."  I know one thing from my experiences, bosses don't always appreciate the suggestions I bring, and the insight I see because it creates the need for change and most people avoid change like the plague. 

I might feel lost now, but it's because I've dedicated myself to forging my own way. (Which might I add is definitely not the easiest path to go down.)  But it's my path because living an honest life is most important to me.

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