Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting to know my legacy...

This post is part of a blog series on Brazen Careerist being sponsored by Entrustet. They asked Brazen members to answer the following question: What do you want your legacy to be? Here’s my response…

The toughest perspective to understand is your own.  What may seem simple to you when looking in on a friend's situation, is never as simple when you're looking at your own.

I don't really have a problem analyzing and solving sticky situations for other people.  The obvious answer seems to pop right up for me.  But it's a very different story when I'm trying to muddle through my own situations.

When I started to think about the legacy I want to leave on this earth, a very familiar muddy feeling began to creep over me.  To me, deciding on what I want my legacy to be is like looking in on my life and taking stock of the impact I've had on this world.  I suppose I'm a relatively humble person and I've had a hard time seeing my impact.

I think the best way to see this objectively is to pretend to be someone else looking in on my life.

What I think my friend Laurie would say about my legacy as a sail instructor:
  • Integrity is the strongest part about Alison as a sail instructor.  It's hard to tell adults they didn't meet the standard and there's often a lot of pressure to make people happy and pass them.
  • Her commitment to developing adult learn-to-sail has been second to none.  For the last six years she's spent almost every weekend during our short summer season teaching adults to sail, and many more hours developing an engaging program for adults as opposed to kids.
  • She's been able to grow the program to a point where the sailing school needed more boats.  Selling out every weekend is a good problem to have.  There's been many repeat students who've come back to finish more levels, and without a good experience they never would have come back because it's a big time commitment to learn to sail.
Here's what I think my husband would say about my path in life so far:
  • Alison's done a great job of learning how to change her perspective in life.  Growing up in a low income home gives you one way of seeing the world, but she's tried hard to understand that there is more to the world than what she experienced as a kid.
  • She's really adopted a passion for business which has made our relationship stronger.  I feel like I have a confidant and equal to bounce ideas off of.  She's also very interested in opening her own business one day and I know whatever it is Alison's compassion will help to make this city a better place.
  • Getting to the point where we're ready for a family has been a progression, but now that we're here I know Alison will make a great mom.  She is empathetic and caring, values equality and shows great compassion to help others.
I think all in all, I want my legacy to be about how I helped others make this a better place. I think it's tough to decide upon a legacy because usually it's other people who describe it after you're gone.  My biggest wish is to live my legacy in the now and make every day count before they're all gone.

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