Friday, April 16, 2010

Added subscription & forwarding options

Google is my friend, Google is my friend!  Knowing nothing about blogging, but knowing something about reading others blogs told me I needed a way to let other share information.

I know when I come across a good blog post I think of who might benefit from reading it in my circle and I send it on by email, or Facebook, and sometimes Twitter.

So low and behold I Googled how I could let other people do that on my blog and they gave me the answer.  : )  I added an RSS subscription option and the option to forward via email, twitter, Facebook, and that ambiguous Share This button which I see everywhere.  I am so going to offend any and all techies.  Sorry.

Also added Blogger's option to check a reaction box.  Looked neat to me, but I'm probably the worst person to decide what other people's reactions are to my writing.  I'm a little biased I think.

Anyways, enjoy and thanks to all who have visited my site in these early days.  Gotta love Feedjit!!

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