Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So This Is It...

Who knew finishing school would be so anticlimactic? I thought it would be more like when you walk into your house, throw your keys down on the table, and go through the roof because there's a room full of your closest family and friends waiting to surprise you.

There was no surprise party when I got home today.

I just finished my last final exam of my most recent academic experience. Two diplomas in two years. Crazy.

I picked up the dog who happened to have a more exciting day than I did while at puppy day care. We pulled up and sauntered in through the front door--both of us exhausted. I sat down in the living room and turned on the TV and these strange pangs started in my stomach. I recognized this feeling… it was guilt!!

What the heck was guilt doing in my stomach? It was like an automatic response to sitting down and turning on the television. I felt guilty that I wasn’t working on school stuff!

Newsflash to my brain… I am done… D-O-N-E… like dinner. No more school, no more assignments, no more studying, no more finals, and no more guilt. Maybe. I haven’t been out of the workforce that long, but I seem to remember before I had mounds of homework I still felt guilty about needing to do stuff when I could barely muster enough energy to click “power” on the remote.

So maybe the guilt was always there, it just got worse with school.

Feeling guilty about stuff on the to-do list is so anti-productive. It slows you down kind of like how multi-tasking brings efficient processes down to a common denominator called “wading through molasses.” And really what it’s doing is reducing your capabilities to nothing.

The best way I’ve found to get rid of these guilty feelings… is to eat.. : ) NO, just kidding. That’s the last thing you want to do. You’ll have gained 100lbs. before you don’t feel guilty anymore. It’s really to realize that you made a mistake by procrastinating and move on!

Take in the lesson and do it differently next time, and if there’s no lesson to be learned than just stop beating up on yourself.

Speaking of procrastination, I better get back to… huh… nothing I guess!

**This post is in honour of me because I made it, I am a graduate, and I’m done.**   : )

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Anonymous said...

And congratulations to you. You deserve a celebration. That was a lot of work, and you did it with conviction and clear vision.